Kalon Dimple Glass Jars

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Achieve your kitchen goal with these elegant dimple glass jars as your ‘must-have’ kitchen accessories.

Kalon Dimple Glass Jars – 250ml
USD 6.62
Volume: 250ml Dimensions: 9 (Dia.) x 7 (H) cm
Kalon Dimple Glass Jars – 450ml
USD 8.11
Volume: 450ml Dimensions: 9 (Dia.) x 10 (H) cm
Kalon Dimple Glass Jars – 750ml
USD 9.60
Volume: 750ml Dimensions: 9 (Dia.) x 15 (H) cm
Kalon Dimple Glass Jars – 950ml
USD 11.83
Volume: 950ml Dimensions: 9 (Dia.) x 19 (H) cm
Kalon Dimple Glass Jars – 1550ml
USD 14.81
Volume: 1550ml Dimensions: 9 (Dia.) x 30 (H) cm
Kalon Dimple Glass Jars – Full Set
USD 37.14
Set of 5, including one each of 250ml, 450ml, 750ml, 950ml & 1550ml.


Designed for storing beans, pasta, herbs and spices, the Kalon Dimple Glass Jar has an airtight silicone rubber ring on the underside of the cover to keep your food fresh and crisp.

The cover is made of natural acacia wood without artificial coating, which is resistant to wood-destroying insects and mold.

The jar is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, which is not only more durable than traditional glass, but also has high thermal shock resistance and is able to withstand temperatures from -20°C to 150°C.

Dimensions & Details



9 (Dia.) x 7 (H) cm


9 (Dia.) x 10 (H) cm


9 (Dia.) x 15 (H) cm


9 (Dia.) x 19 (H) cm


9 (Dia.) x 30 (H) cm

Product Details


Borosilicate glass

Cover Material

Acacia wood

Cover Insert

Airtight silicone rubber ring

Additional Details

Hypoallergenic, lead-free and BPA-free

Caring Instructions

To maintain the sheen on wood, apply wood oil, linseed or olive oil with a cloth and rub it in well; leave a day between coats and once you’re happy with the finish, buff it to a lovely sheen using a soft cloth.

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