Ardor Tea For One Mug with Strainer

USD 24.48

USD 24.48
USD 24.48


This all-in-one, 3-piece kit is truly a fuss free way of brewing tea without a teapot. An absolute time-saver for all tea lovers as it functions as a teapot and tea cup all at once without compromising the quality of your tea.

The glass infuser sits on rim of the cup and completely covers the top of the cup and keeps the tea leaves within the infuser. There are numerous laser-cut micro perforations covering the sides and bottom of the infuser allows maximum water circulation to release its full flavor.

The crystal clear cup allows you to visually follow the steeping process. Through monitoring the color of the tea as it brews in your mug, you can expertly brew your tea to your desired strength.

High thermal shock resistance glass with ability to withstand temperature ranging between – 20 degree Celsius to 150 degree Celsius.

To brew a good cup of tea, measure your favorite loose tea and put it directly into the tea infuser.  Pour hot water on the tea in the infuser. Cover with lid and steep according to the tea's instructions. The lid doubles as a coaster where you can place the wet infuser on to keep things tidy. Viola! Enjoy your freshly brewed tea.

Dimensions & Details


Diameter (cm)


Height (cm)


Capacity (ml)


Product Details


Borosilicate glass body with walnut / beech wood coaster, lid and handle

Product Care

Hand-wash only

Oven Safe


Microwave Safe


Dishwasher Safe


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